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To love is to die

by Finalgravedigger

Wondering aimlessly with colorless eyes
Not able to blink or attempt a cry
Stuck in a gaze of a soulless dark well
Staring at emotions,only wishing to dwell.

Pupils are desertly dry, veins are tense
Mouth agape with torment so ignorantly immense
Feelings are shut down, incapable of moral function
A jagged rigid mind living for inconstant dysfunction.

Trapped and controlled by thorny dead vines
Slowly it twist as the body and pain combine
Embracing the ties of loves deadly rope
Burning while smiling in a hearts false hope.

Loves parasitic ways are quite mutual in illusions
False happiness in exchange for death is the conclusion
Always being given a name to forever shine so bright,
As broken hearts and souls melt in the scorching light.