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Dear Diary

by Amy

Dear Diary
guess what happened today
i fell in love
i don't know what to say
It happened when i
went down to the beach
i sat on the rocks
water just from reach

But i was feeling alone
and started to cry
praying to god
to just let me die
And there he was
smiling down
he wiped away my tears
got rid of my frown

He helped me up
and looked in my eyes
thats all it took
to silence my cries
Without a word
he kept me warm
wrapped his arms around me
my shelter from the storm

Dear Diary
I saw him again
I know this is true love
till the very end
He makes me feel
protected and safe
he has restored all my hope
and all of my faith

He can make me smile
with just one kiss
and every second hes gone
is an eternity i miss
Tell me Diary
what do you think?
will our love last
or will it sink?

Dear Diary
I cant believe
that i found someone like him
and that hes in love with me
He sees into my soul
and understands me
my heart is a closed door
and only he has the key

He reads my mind
and makes me feel
as if nothing in the world
is even real

Dear Diary
I know this for sure
i never loved anyone
this much before
I know how much
this is meant to be
trust me Diary
he'll always love me