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Love Hurts

by Heba

I have been hiding this love for a long time
I thought love is a terrible crime
I didn't talk about it
I was afraid to admit it
Even he didn't feel me
It was the love I kept secretly
In my heart
But hiding this secret one more day
Is very hard

When I used to hear his name
I could feel my heart beats
Red became the color of cheeks
I was so shy
To tell him I love you
But it was seen in my eye
My love was unsolved clue
He was the only one in my mind
He was totally different than mankind

He was the hero of my dreams
About him I wrote love themes
I thought I could be the one
The one that shall be his queen
And share his life with her
Of him, she would take care
But, they were just sweet dreams
They were fake thoughts and gleams
They faded one after another in the air
Going away, to nowhere
Because he already found her
The one that will be his love Fay
The shiny flare of his way
While my own love was about to decay

I have always dreamed he may
Be mine and with me he shall stay
Forever and for always

But I am not the one
Nor for him or anyone
How lucky she is, she is the one
She is the queen of his heart, she has won

I shall love no more
Love killed my heart in the core
Love will be a feeling I ignore
Because love hurts
Forever and for always