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To Lose You

by MissMeg

No happiness was felt.
No mercy was shone.
And now that I'm without you,
I feel so alone.

It's weird waking up each morning,
Knowing you are no longer mine.
And each night I go to bed,
Trying my hardest not to cry.

But I don't want to keep pretending,
No longer want to hide my tears.
Because lies and secrets
Are my deepest fears.

Why couldn't you open your eyes,
To what was right in front of you?
I guess those dark, thick eyelids,
Are what you tried to see through.

Didn't you see me?
Didn't you see "us"? just saw what you wanted,
And you broke all my trust.

O what I would give,
To look and see you there.
Because the pain of losing you,
Is more than I can bare.

To have it back the way it was,
I'd go through it all again.
Just so long as I got you in the end.

Believe me it's true.
Because nothing hurt as much,
As it did to lose you.