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Love Isn't Imaginary

by The Queen

Love Isn't Imaginary

Love letters may fade away in time
Yet every thought i've ever penned
Are echoes from my admiring heart
Vividly, your images comes into sight

Love isn't imaginary
I feel it from the touch of your hand
I see it from the look in your eyes
I hear it from the beat of your heart

Our love song may never be found out
It's the only rhythm learned by our hearts
For whenever a day spent with you
Together as one, song of love to hum

Love isn't imaginary
For even in my sleep I experience love
In the depth of my dreams you never leave
Fighting the distance not to play a part

Goodnight kisses and sweet dreams hugs
Let go of emotions, set them free to intervene
No matter what kind of world were in at this time
Even if it's just a game, I don't mind

Hold me by your hand with your gentle fingers
From my cheeks down to my sweet lips
Kiss me like you never kissed anyone before
Love isn't imaginary, love is you and me