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My Heart

by morgan

I gave you my love,
which was a mistake,
but how was i to know,
my heart you would break?

one minute you love me,
the next you're gone,
but that was the last time,
because I'm moving on.

it might take awhile,
for my heart is ripped in two,
but thats what i get,
for giving it to you.

the pain searing through me,
like poison from a snake,
it hurts me to think,
all your love was fake.

the times you'd wipe away my tears and tell me it's okay,
when we'd sit and talk in the park,
even on a rainy day.

but all of that is gone,
gone along with you,
but i know its for the better,
for me and my life to.

i truly did love you,
but i can't take it any longer,
maybe all of this,
will make my heart stronger.

when i offered you my heart,
why didn't you refuse,
knowing you would hurt me,
and my heart, you'd use?