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Realization Release

by Finalgravedigger

Realization Release

A heart aches from broken shards crumbling into dust
Laying in one place as golden obcession turns to rust
Desires cease when life stands still for moment
Questions pour, wondering of the long lived torment.

Controlled by the puppet master of yearning desperation
When giving it everything was the true confiscation
What was seen as a solution was a curse all along
The hollow mind mesmerized by sorrows blind song.

Led by confusion not allowing serenity to fill the mind
True motivation, cause and experience were left behind
For now defeated but at least i can think with my head
Starting over with an actual purpose and path lies ahead.

The sword in hand is broken but elation rest in heart
One lost battle was only the wars grim start

The lighting sun may not shine on this new day
But this forsaken grin of mine is here to stay.