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Gone But Never Forgotten

by hayley williams

I stand here alone next to the old oak tree,
the one we used to come to, just you and me.
You would hold me in your arms so safe,
we never told anyone about our special place.

You promised me that you would love me forever,
and that we would grow old and grey together.
You said that you always wanted to make me smile,
and that one day you'd get me down the aisle.

It was by the oak tree your love you declared,
I told you everything you felt i also shared.
You pulled me close and stroked my hair,
It was then you said you would always be there.

So tell me why your not here anymore,
did you not mean what you said before?
I know its not your fault, you didn't want to leave,
now that your gone i don't know what to believe.

My heads a mess, i miss you so much,
lay awake at night wanting to feel your touch.
Everything happened so fast, so surreal,
I cant let you go yet I'm not ready to heal.

I don't want to wake up without you on my mind,
Don't want to stop being angry that I'm left behind.
I was no where ready for you untimely death,
and i know you weren't ready to take your last breath.

I stand here alone next to the old oak tree,
Where we used to come, just you and me.
I engraved our initials to show everyone,
just where our tragic love story begun.