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Amazed By You

by hayley williams

When i first spoke to you it was so much fun,
but that was back before this really begun.
For now I'm here missing every bit of you,
crying inside and feeling completely blue.

I can remember every word that you said,
the songs that you sung replay in my head.
Your truly gone out of my life for good,
and this hurts more than it really should.

You were someone that was never mine,
but yet i have feelings i just can't define.
With you i had nothing i wanted to hide,
you were the person in who i could confide.

Right now I'm full of sadness and confusion,
not knowing why i let us come to this conclusion.
Maybe if i had asked you to stay with me,
but instead i decided it was best to agree.

I was hurt before so i didn't want to act weak,
so i thought that i should just not speak.
but not taking a chance has cost me dear,
for i know now that you will never be near.

I will never kiss you or hold your hand,
never get to meet up like we had planned.
I will never hear you laugh or see you smile,
but still i know meeting you was worthwhile.

Everything about you is so greatly unique,
from the way you laugh to your hot physique.
I cant pretend what i feel inside isn't true,
Cos baby i am totally amazed by you.