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With You I Belong

by hayley williams

When I look deep into your eyes,
I can see how you feel about me,
Knowing that i can count on you,
Tells me this is where i should be.

I remember when you said I love you,
I had never felt so happy inside,
Then i told you that I felt the same,
I was so overwhelmed that i cried.

I miss you when your not around,
I feel like part of me is not there,
but when your here next to me,
I have no need to ever despair.

I love you with everything I have,
Promise me you will always stay,
But i know even if you leave me,
The feelings i have will never go away.

So baby i will never stop caring,
I promise i wont do you wrong,
I would not hurt you purposely
because with you is where i belong.