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The love I cannot have.

by Wilhelm

Every time I think of you
There's a pain inside my chest
I really don't know what to do
My heart just cannot rest

Every single thought of you
Is a forceful blow
To my fragile heart it's true
You may just never know.

A smile flutters across your lips
The gaping wound gets worse
Just crying out to be kissed
I am my own dam curse.

My love for you keeps growing
With every verse and rhyme
Its way beyond your knowing
Though you may find out in time

Your absence is pure torture
But your presence is still worse
So full of love and rapture
So much that it hurts

The worst thing for me is knowing
You are something I cannot have
You shine like you are glowing
So beautiful it drives me mad

I wish I could just tell you
Of how you make me feel
Everything you say and do
Makes this life feel real.

If I weren't such a coward
I would come right out and say
You make me feel empowered
But it just doesn't work that way

All I know is I love you
For better or for worse
I know my love is pure and true
So I love to live my curse.