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Still I Cry

by Karl Wild GG23

Still I cry when I think of you,
Alone, where nobody can see,
Hurts not knowing what to do,
Are you still in love with me?

Still I cry when I see you smile,
Nothing made me feel as alive,
I'd die to hear you laugh awhile,
Without you it's hard to survive.

Still I cry when the phone rings,
Knowing your not on the other end,
The happiness your voice brings,
A broken heart would surely mend.

Still I cry in my lonely dreams,
You always used to meet me there,
Pillows smother my silent screams,
In a bed we no longer share.

Still I cry as tear filled river's flow,
Without your love I'll surely die,
Still, I see your face wherever I go,
If you've ever wondered why, still I cry....