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In Love

by Catherine Sawyer

Being in love is a feeling that is here to stay,
A feeling in your heart each and everyday.
The purest feeling that God gave to us,
Walking through life in our hearts its a must.

You know your in love when you can say,
That your hearts beat together each and every day.
Excitement fills your heart whenever they are near,
Chills run up and down your spine cupid shot his spear.
Hit you in the heart and make you fall in love,
God Bless you with this dear, a feeling from above.

When ever you are happy the joy will fill their heart,
When ever you are sad is when you are apart.
When their heart is pierced you will fill the pain,
When ever they go crazy you will go insane.

Every little detail about them you do know,
Best friends you become this you know is so.
Romance is important to keep the love alive,
Without in your life love will not survive.

Laughter is the key to life, love and heart,
Talking the same path you'll never be apart.
So being in love means all of this and more,
For the two of you have just, opened up the door.

For God gave you a gift, a gift from up above,
To put into your hearts, called everlasting love.
So be complete right now and never come undone,
For this means your in love and now you've become one!!

Written by:
Catherine R. Sawyer