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Of you Pt. 2

by Sarah Christine

I close my eyes
think of you,
and wonder now
what am I to do.
My life is not exactly perfect
when I think of you.
Alone in this relationship
suffocating in a world so cold,
I know it's not your fault
your not here,
only a memory to hold.
I open my eyes,
but the illusion is still there
you say you love me,
but do you honestly care?
When did distance
seem so far away,
still through many miles,
here in my heart is where you stay.
I look out my window
start to cry,
I don't want to go through this,
can't live my life a lie.
I love you too much
to let you go,
you need to talk to me
things you need to know.
But I stay quiet
not a single sound,
for the fear of losing you
not having you around.
I close my eyes
my world shuts down,
you ignore my cries
heart falls to the ground.
I love you so,
this much is true,
but my life isn't exactly perfect.
when all I see is blue.