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Wonderful Again

by Emilia

All day starring at ceiling making friends
with shadows on my wall
All night I keep you in my memory
even if I know we aren't friends at all

You sad that it was my fault what you've done
I saw you with your tongue down her throat
I ran as fast as I could crying to the hall to get my coat

It was Saturday night three weeks after our fight
I brought you your favourite food and drink
As I can hear the girls voice and my heart slowly sinks

I close my eyes cause it's so sad
What did she have that I didn't have
After that I close my eyes and count to ten
And I hope it's over when I open them
I just want that everything could be wonderful again

How can I ever smile with these tears in my eyes
This night did you end up nice
You have done it before
And then I forgave you
And it end up with a fight
After this can I ever be alright?

Hope I will understand some day but now
We have to solve this problem in a different way
Get out of my sight
I don't want another fight
I don't need you to tell me lies
I just need you too say good bye

I don't want to waste more time on you
I just want to make this through
Then I can dry the tears from my eyes
And I can smile cause everything is wonderful now