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Whisper Me


Whisper me the roses
blooms in the flown spring
drip of my glossy dew
the next feather of the wings
and whisper me the buds
jewels in the blossomy rings

Sigh me the seas
pearls in the wide shells
waves of my colored breeze
the next song of the bells
and sigh me the mermaids
grace in the drowned chills

Dive me the oceans
depth of the whale's flow
burst of my silky dolphins
the next dip of the rainbow
and dive me the emotions
suns in the wavy glow

Sag me the earth
split in the red sky
fall of my rainy mirth
the next tear of my eye
and sag me the shaky birth
drop in the shady sigh

Bleed me the rivers
bliss in the wounded stream
sunlit water in the wells
the next echo of my dreams
and bleed me the stars
gust in the moonlit beams

Spear me the kiss
heat on my thirsty lips
autumn in the secret hiss
and spear me the rain
in the essence of my pain