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Dear God

by AmberSherrellxxIve Been Sitting Here Trying To Find Myselfxx

Dear God, it's me again.
I need to talk to you.
You already know what it's about.
It's really nothing new.

Dear God, I still love him,
With every piece of my heart.
But you knew this would happen,
From the very start.

Dear God, it hurts so bad.
Sometimes I can't breathe.
God, why did you take him?
He meant everything to me!

Dear God, I'm sick of crying.
I'm afraid I'm gonna drown.
These memories won't go away.
I still remember how he sounds.

Dear God, I miss him,
More and more each day.
Lord, I love him so much!
Why did he walk away?

Dear God, I know you can hear me.
I know you can feel the pain I'm in.
Lord, I feel like giving up.
There's no use in trying to win.

Dear God, I can't take much more.
I'm destroyed inside and out.
I wish that I could say something,
But I swallow all my shouts.

Dear God, I'm sorry I sound angry.
I don't blame you,
But, Lord, I don't wanna believe,
That me and him are through.

Dear God, I have one last favor to ask.
If we were meant to be,
Please send a saving angel,
And bring him back to me.