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Acheing Memories

by Hollymariee

As I lay there in your arms ,
I'd never felt so safe and warm .
Months ago I could've called you mine ,
Oh how I wish I could turn back time .

You we're everything I'd never known ;
I couldn't believe the love you'd shown .
For hours you had held me tight ,
Trying to make all his wrongs right .

You dried my tears and made me laugh,
Helping me forget the past .
The silly things that you would do
Would make me want to be with you .
Even though I knew much better ,
I hoped I could be yours forever .

You held me close and kissed my eyes :
"No longer will you have to cry .
I love you girl , I really do ;
Please tell me that you love me too ."
Your lips touched mine and my heart felt weak
As brand new tears slid down my cheeks :
"I want to boy , you know I do ..
Just promise me your words are true ."

With one last kiss upon my head ,
I learnt to trust the things you said ;
And as that night faded into day ,
My hand in yours I prayed we'd stay .

Summer days were filled with laughter ;
It seemed to be like nothing mattered .
But as the leaves fell to the ground ,
We seemed to lose what we had found .

You had no time , it had to end ;
So we parted ways remaining friends .
You begged and pleaded "Please don't cry ."
I smiled and told you "I'll be fine ."

But now I lay me down to sleep ,
And hug myself as I start to weep .
Over and over I replay that night ,
When everything had felt so right .