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Loving You

by Amy

Staying up late
talking all night
cuddling with you
and pillow fights

Laying close to you
whispering in my ear
that no matter what
you'll always be here

Telling you the things
Ive never shared
kissing your neck
running my hands thru ur hair

My one true love
but also my best friend
ill always be with you
right until the end

I can be myself
whenever your around
i don't have to pretend
or even make a sound

I can sit in silence
just staring in2 ur eyes
not saying a word
you don't even have to try

With just one smile
you can make me feel
like everything
isn't even real

And you hold me close
just laying in your arms
feeling your touch
as we stare up at the stars

I'm in love with you
it will always be true
and then you whisper
you love me too