Read Love Poems


by Beautiful Forever

Take my hand - it's always waiting,
Waiting for your warm hand to hold,
Kiss my lips - the love we're creating,
Without yours they're alone and cold,

Steal my heart - it's always hiding,
Hiding away from the pain I've felt,
Hold me - security you're providing,
Causing the ice in my heart to melt,

Open my eyes - they're always seeing,
Seeing your hearts deepest desires,
Take me away - the life you're freeing,
Quickly before our time here expires,

Stop my tears - they're always falling,
Falling away from my loving heart,
Catch my soul - it's forever calling,
For you and me to never be apart,

Hear my soul - it's always praying,
Praying for our love to be true,
Wait for me - even if we're swaying,
Because someday I will be with you...

"I promise..."