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Your Everything

by Hollymariee

I can be the stars ,
That light up your night sky .
And I can be your shoulder ,
If ever you need to cry .

I can be your words ,
If ever you cannot speak .
And I can be your eyes ,
If the truth you ever seek .

I can be your conscience ;
That whisper in your ear .
And I can be the ONE ,
The one that you hold dear .

I can be the laughter ,
That puts the smile on your face .
And I can be the beauty
That makes your heart beat race .

I can be the girl ,
That you just can't get off your mind .
And I can be the perfection ,
That you've searched so long to find .

Boy , I can be your anything ;
And to you I'll always tend .
I want to be your everything ,
But never just your friend .