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I hate you

by Renee Murdock

I cant go a day without saying your name
and when i realize this my heart fills with shame
Why am i the one that cant get over you?
why do i remember every thing you say and do?
your always on my mind
and that makes me wonder why I'm so blind
why do i hate you so much?
why if i hate you, do i long for your touch?
why do you talk about me to your boys?
why do you use girls like toys?
I just wanna get you outta my head
and forget all those times of laying in my bed
why do i always write poems about you?
why cant i just say fu** you?
you were so different when we were alone
and all those times that we talked on the phone
why cant you see where I'm coming from?
why do you have to be so freaking dumb?
oh my god you don't know how much i hate you
i cant believe i ever wanted to date you
i guess i need to forget about this
and realize that you don't deserve to be missed