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My Guardian Angel

by AngelicDecadence

The first time I saw you,
I almost cried.
I looked you in the eyes,
Remembering how we had said our goodbyes.

Your face was the same,
But you were covered in white
How can you stand before me this day,
Then smile at me and say,

"I love you baby,
And I want to you know,
For the end of time,
Forever. Oh, and you will be fine."

I lightly smiled at your voice,
Lingering on every word,
I tried to reach out to you,
But my hand fell straight through.

I gasped as you looked at me sadly,
You stepped closer to me with a small smile,
I looked at you, scared you might flee
As you continued to stare at me.

"I want you back."
I spoke. And you shook your head.
"Must you always want what you can't have?
Look, I don't have much time to give.

"I love you dear, you know that,
But you should also know,
That because I love you a bunch,
I don't want you to suffer so much.

"I know you want me back,
And I know how much you miss me.
I miss you too dear,
But you truly have nothing to fear.

"Some will hurt you,
But some will love you,
Give love a second chance,
Don't let us be your last dance.

"If it every gets to be too much,
Just call me down, I'm always here,
For I am your guardian angel,
As I will always be, I am no fable."

I tried once more to reach out to him,
But this time as I tried,
He started to fade,
Soon, another shade.

I silently cried, tears flowing down my cheeks,
But he just smiled at me and said,
"Goodbye my love,
Never forget, I shall always be your dove."