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Face the Music

by Karl Wild GG23

Why is it that when a heart is broken,
The right words are always easiest to find,
When our chance has long come and gone,
To speak the truth that was on our mind.

Why do we make life altering mistakes,
All the while knowing the fate at hand,
Golden dreams of forever are in our grasp,
Only to slip through the cracks like sand.

Why do we force ourselves to say I'm sorry,
To give away a destiny we once controlled,
Risk losing a world we could never live without,
Giving up the only hand we ever wanted to hold.

Why is it that we hurt the ones we love most,
Never realizing the pain they feel is our pain too,
Putting ourselves in a situation to reflect our past,
speechless at best, with apologies long overdue.

Why when we are supposed to face the music,
Do we turn our backs with regret we'll never admit,
Maybe because with time we learn to understand,
We don't always have to face the music, to hear it.