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I'm Done

by Sara

I think of all..
The things you said..
As thoughts of you..
Run through my head..

Where and when..
Did I go wrong?..
Again I hear..
Our favorite song..

I want to ask you..
Why your mad..
What I did..
That was so bad..

Now I'm thinking..
Maybe it's not me..
But you instead..
Now that I see..

I notice your distant..
Unloving voice..
I notice you've left me..
With only one choice..

It's time to move on..
You've hurt me too much..
No longer will you..
Have me to touch..

When you finally realize..
That I am the one..
It will be too late..
It's over, I'm done..

Don't feel sorry for me..
Don't waste your time..
Get thoughts of me..
Off of your mind..

I'm better, I said it..
Finally it's through..
I can start over..
I am done with you..