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Carried upon a breeze

by - Mr. Darcy

Carried upon a breeze
her soft voice came to me.
Leave the love behind now
that was not meant to be.

Her soothing words caressed
with the lightest of touch.
Dampening flames of fear,
which had burned so much.

Arms held me so tightly
and aching tears ran free.
I welcomed her embrace,
then was able to see.

All the demons revealed,
their masks no longer cloaked
The darkness within them,
The deception that choked

Beside me she remained
and my trust again grew,
I felt revitalized,
my heart beating anew.

Her soft voice a whisper
Carried upon a breeze,
'I love you' my darling,
the soul-mate of my dreams.

M. Moran and Ingrid aka Blond Angel

A collaboration of two hearts and minds.