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Meant to Be (Lovers Cliff)


There is a cliff
that lovers go to.
When they decide
their love is through.

They go together
and step to the edge.
Solemnly peering
over the ledge.

Looking at lovers that
have fallen in the past.
Wondering, why their
love didn't last.

Each has a story that
goes with their fall.
But how did they manage
to lose it all?

I went to this cliff
with a love of my own.
Wondering, if I was the
next to be thrown.

As we looked down
at the lovers all mangled.
Their bodies were bruised
and everyone was tangled.

They were so tormented and
the moaning was horrid.
Never had I witnessed
something so morbid!

I looked at the man
that stood next to me.
Should I stay and be thrown
or should I flee?

But as we looked down
he started to cry.
I gently reached up and
wiped the tear from his eye.

He took my hand and
my heart began to race.
He could see all the questions
right there on my face.

I thought he would surely
push me over the side.
So I began to panic
and started to cry.

He slowly kissed away
each and every tear.
And told me not to worry,
I had nothing to fear.

He led me away from
that horrible place.
And folded me into
his loving embrace.

Though we never have talked
about our trip that day.
And how close we were to
throwing it all away.

I couldn't push him
and he couldn't push me.
So thats how we know
we were truly meant to be!