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I've Just Got To Let You Go

by Hollymariee

I close my eyes
And dream about
The way we used to be .
You caressing ;
And me confessing
Just what you mean to me .

Your gorgeous smile
And light blue eyes ;
Your soft touch upon my skin .
My body's shaking ,
You're so breath-taking ;
By far my sweetest sin .

Your silly laughter
And heart-felt kisses ;
They both just drive me wild .
My heart's been healing ,
You've got me feeling
Defenseless like a child .

But mistakes are made
And my eyes are opened ;
Only to find you gone .
The tears are faught ,
And my heart is taught
Once again that it was wrong .

Those eyes and smile ,
Are now so awkward ;
Strangers I no longer know .
I'm slowly learning ,
That you're not returning ...
I've just got to let you go .