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Poetic Transaction (collab)

by SashaMirage

Professing undying love through rhyme and verse
Written in a shade of ink you can never reverse

Scriptures permanently embedded on the heart
Piercing through our skin as modern day art

Covering the truth with a sultry veil of distraction
It's time to exchange this lover's poetic transaction

No longer speaking a language of metaphors
Seasons of love flourish opening new doors

As these beautiful aspirations seem to submerge
You send three flawless words in which I immerge

Lost in your dark eyes with no way out of this maze
Clouds of lust roll in covering us in a poetic haze

Fate is Coloring my life with rainbows and glitter
Years of endless searching, I finally found my answer

Shrouded under the mist letting our lips eclipse
Caressing skin to skin, decoding body scripts

Waking up weak in your arms under a starry night
Infatuation so strong, unable to resist or fight

Clear interpretations, giving in to sweet temptation
Writing a million phrases, inspired by our creation