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I want you

by Kaleigh

I wanna love you
and my heart keeps telling me to
but my mind keeps telling me no
and i don't no which way to go
the sweet things that you say
keeps leading me your way
but the stupid things you do
keeps telling me not to
they way you hold my hips
makes me wanna kiss your lips
the way you hold me tight
makes me want you through the night
the way you hold me close
and say you'll never let me go
you look me in the eyes
and tell me all these lies
all the s*xy things you do
that you know makes me want you
i wanna kiss you way to much
but i better not touch
i wanna hold you now
and lay down on the ground
i wanna move closer to you and say your mine
i wanna be with you all the time
i want you to hold me
and whisper that you love me
i wanna be your world
and tell everyone I'm yours
but they're telling me to stay away
and i keep wanting you more each day