Read Love Poems


by Hopelessly Devoted to You

A thought of you,
brings so much pain,
your face, your voice,
it drives me insane,
I'm silently dying,
a hundred times a day,
just thinking of you,
makes my heart break,
I constantly debate,
whether I should give in,
or endure this hurt,
from some strength within,
but I can't give up,
and I don't know why,
just look in my eyes,
at these tears I cry,
'cause this path you take,
is a choice chosen poor,
but I know and see,
that you deserve more,
that's why I keep on,
despite my heart break,
'cause to me you're worth,
this pain everyday,
so read this carefully,
they're words from the heart,
if the others run away,
I'll stay from the start,
and help you through any,
and all that you cope,
even if us being together,
ends up losing all hope...