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My Serenade (Collab with End Of Eternity)

by Cindy

Your heart is like an island
I wish to have discovered before
Your voice is like an ocean
Where I never want to find the shore

Your heart beat is the music
That soothes me to sleep
Your bright smile in the memories
I will forever keep

Your breaths are like a breeze
Spreading love all around
Your dreams could embrace the sky
Without lifting a foot from the ground

Your strength embraces me
Like a majestic mountaintop
You're quietly in the distance
Pure love lifting me up

Your eyes are deep enough
To look in, till the end of eternity
Your faith is strong enough
To shine on the Worlds beauty

Your laughter is my serenade
Brings me smiles when I grieve
You're my trusted tree of life
To whom I'll always cleave

Written by End Of Eternity & Cynthia Graver