Read Love Poems


by Stephanie Michelle

Memories are fading
But my love is still strong
I crave for your touch
It's just been so long

I can still hear your voice
And the words that you said
I remember your giggle
How your cheeks got so red

Your smile was magic
Your eyes a deep blue
I took it for granted
Can't help but miss you

When you said we were over
I wished for a lie
I couldn't believe it
Til' I saw you cry

All those "i love yous"
They just weren't true
Every breath that I force
I'm taking for you

I'm craving your love
But I know that we're done
Such a shame that we're over
Thought you were the one

What I thought was true love
Turned out to be fake
My devotion's pathetic
Can't take more heart break

I'm so slowly losing
This fight that's my last
No more meaning of life
Just can't live in the past

I'm spiraling downward
I'll never be caught
To you I'll remain
A love never sought