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My Last Goodbye

by Hailey

Heres My Last Goodbye
To the One Who Got Away
My Little Poem of Past paradise
To Say What I Gotta Say

Goodbye hurts More Than Anything
Especially when Deep down You Know
your Never going To Say Hello again
So This Poem Is My Final Way To go

Please Know I Don't Hate You
And I Promise I Never will
My Heart will Always Be Yours
Till time And earth Stand Still

Ive Tried To Tell You It All
So In Words I'm Gonna Try
To set The Record Straight
My Last Attempt At Goodbye

Truth Be Told Your My first True Love
And Sadly probably My Very Last
But Time Has Pathed A New Path
But In My Future Not My Past

You Will always Be My Memories
To remind me In whats Above
You gave me the greatest gift of all
The Gift Of Being In Love

You've Been Gone so Long
And So Very Far Away
But In Heart forever
Is where you'll always stay

I Thank you for Loving Me
Giving Me The Gift To Receive
I respect the choices you made
Even when you decided to leave

Time Took us separate ways
And Slowly Tore Us Apart
But Time Will Start To Carry on
But The Love Is In My Heart

Nothing Can Take Our Memories Away
Or The Time We So Happily Shared
No-one Can Take the Truth From Us
The Truth That We Always Cared

Goodbye Doesn't mean I Give up
It Just means i Tried
I Felt The Pain and did the time
felt like I Slowly died

But each Days Get Easier
And Every Word I Write
I Know Things will Be OK
Everything will Be Alright

Don't Think of The bad Times
Or This Last Sad Goodbye
Remember My Loving Smile
And The Glimmer In My eye

So As I Finish This Tearfully
With All Ive Wanted To Say
I Make A Vow Of Everlasting Love
Till My Very Dying Day.....