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Chasing Rainbows

by Lady Nik

I've had the same milky frost
over my heart for years now.
I wonder when you'll
bring back your saffron sunshine
to make me warm again.

Wondering leaves me lonely...

How can it be that your
onyx eyes will never grace
my presence again...
Everyone is falling in love--except me.
I'm just falling over hills
of jade trying to see a glimpse
of your smile.

I try to forget how cerulean tears
grazed my weary face the first
night I slept without you..
Those tears are now dried and
have turned slate.
I think about how your heated words
made my eyes go from an irritated fuchsia
to a burning hot carmine
I'd do anything to hear those words again.

I can't help but miss
the way you tease my
mulberry nail polish and how
I refuse to wipe off.
Or how I never use my apricot
crayon to draw pictures.

I feel like a leprechaun
who doesn't want the pot of gold
I miss the color in my life.
I guess I'll spend the rest of my days
chasing rainbows.