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My escape

by MERCY is never shown

I lay awake
as the pain slowly fades
the bruises form
and the cuts cease to bleed
i pay no mind
to the blood flaking from my skin
i curl up to the pillow
and wish for my escape
the one to save me
and take me away from
this short of nothing
living hell
i think of how
tomorrow I'll cover the marks
and act as if I'm fine
just to race to his waiting arms
and break
but tears of joy not pain
to feel him hold me
never wanting to let go
his whispers of how
he wants to take me away
make me the happiest girl alive
not knowing
I'm the happiest I'll ever be
standing by his side
just this moment
knowing he's here for me
he's my escape, my haven
and he'll be the one to set me free