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Letters in the Sand

by Karl Wild GG23

Gentle shores caress tiny feet,
Sky blue waves return almost instantly,
she writes their names in the sand,
Together as she always does.

Her adorable fingers have just enough time,
To draw their names in the soggy clay,
Before the water returns again,
To wash their names away.

She lays on her back
Staring up at a heart,
Her imagination made from clouds,
His face appears inside, she misses him.

The love she feels goes
Above and beyond anything she's felt before,
Yet she knows caring for something this much
Is dangerous, if these waves begin to wither.

She'd give anything to be in his arms,
To have him hold her, surround her every inch,
She needs him to survive,
More vital than oxygen, he is her blood.

Gazing out into a distant horizon,
Much like there love she see's no end in sight,
This ocean could go on forever,
Or this mid day sun
Could be playing tricks on her eyes.

She's been hurt so many times,
Her little heart couldn't bare the pain
Of another let down,
But she's never needed anything so bad.

She's afraid to get in the water,
Knowing if she goes to far,
Her feet might not touch bottom anymore,
But she knows in order to discover true love,
She has to have the courage,
To lose sight of the shore.

Suddenly without warning he appears,
Shining in her eyes brighter than the sun ever could,
She writes their names in the sand one more time,
He outlines them with a heart, she smiles.

He takes her hand,
Promising that he'll always be here,
Like the waves he'll never stop,
He'll be their every second of everyday.

He tells her not to worry
Of the oceans depths,
Because their love
Is much more profound
Than the depths of any ocean.

He'll never hurt her,
Never be a distant mirage of love,
He'd swim the ocean twice,
Just to see her beautiful smile.

She's upset their names can't forever,
Stay etched in an oceans sand,
She tried her best many times,
And now she understands.

Their names don't belong in the sand,
Where the water can tear them apart,
She found a much better place for them,
She'll put them in her heart.