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by Blissful

In an attempt to erase
aching recollections
failed, for you still

That arousing aroma
once tousled my locks
with it's devilish hooks.
Now remains as a stench
dug deep within my skin
spewing rancid memories.

Teasing of has been's
and forget me not's,
all you do is

Those enticing eyes
once girdled a fairytale
with no ending in scene.
Now stitched in torment
carved by a lover's allure.
Reminiscence of yesterday

...yet you linger.

Perhaps your presence
shadows my every move
for I wish to cling to faith
a moment longer, in hopes
it does not betray my trust.

I catch sight of those eyes
in the distance
as they lock
with mine.

And your haunting scent
invades my essence
for I am not ready,
to release

and we'll intertwine
in my dreams.