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End of it all

by MissGem

Well this is where we've ended
where the pain will start
our journey is ova
it remains now in our hearts

no more little meetings
no sneaking out at night
this is our good-bye
we'll slip out of sight

no more sensual kissing
no more I love yous
the end of everything
like an unhealed bruise

everything is ova
ova is our love
it is so hard
I'd die for just one hug

I'd love to hold you
love to kiss you one more time
love to just be near you
instead your in my mind

now everything is ova
you were my first love
I thought that we were perfect
thought you were the one

I'll miss you so deeply
because now your gone
our time is ova
this must be wrong

but it's the end of our journey
end of our time
you'll be with me forever
but only in my mind