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I Will Always Remember

by Stephanie Ricks

We used to have so much fun as kids,
Playing and rolling in the dirt.
You'd chase me till I fell,
And pick me up when I was hurt.

Wed set in your tree house till late at night,
And talk of how our parents were so unfair.
Then when I got sleepy you'd hold me,
Running your fingers through my hair.

And I still smile at the time in 6th grade,
When you playfully proclaimed your love for me.
And posted it on ten of the lockers,
So the word would spread and all would see.

I now think of those two children from back then,
Who were so full of puppy love.
But now its hard to believe,
Those two were me and you.

Now you struggle daily since your wreck,
And now carry the mentality of a kid.
But even if your memories are gone,
In me,in my heart and soul they will always live.