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You think you know him

by Renee Murdock

You think you know him all to well
you think hes not that way
But once he gets what he wants
He'll rip your heart away.

When this happens
it'll hurt like hell
Your sorry hes the one
for whom you fell.

You ask yourself
why he does this
While you wish
He'd never exist

Take back all the love
you thought you felt inside
Take back the one in which
you thought you could confide.

But you open your eyes
and still feel all the pain.
You look in the mirror but all you see,
are the tears that fall like rain.

Your sitting there thinking,
what the fuc* am i gonna do
When all hes thinking is
ha ha i really used you.

So think of this
when he comes near
So you'll never
have to cry those tears.