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Watch what you wish for

by Rachel RTVW

Be careful what you wish for
words spoken out of anger
may become a reality

Left with only memories
of those words that now
cut your heart with an
unimaginable force

So strong.... you literally
choke on tears
and nothing can stop
the feeling of hopelessness.....
regret, utter sorrow

As a thousand trilling birds
sing their song of spring
once again I remember
walking with
snuggled under your arms

Thought I had forever
to make up my mind
foolish to think you'd keep waiting
but you did
and I was too late

No one to run to
now standing solitary
whispering unanswered thoughts
to the sky........ the ground where you lay

My beloved.......
how I long for the stories of heaven to be true
so one day I may hold your hand again
I miss you my soul mate
Rest in peace