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When I knew

by Ronald Edwards

With sparkling eyes she gazed at me,
long curled lashes waved hello.
Crinkling her nose
cheeks blushed from the cool evening night air
without speaking she told me
Yes, I am content
It was then when I knew.

A gentle breeze blew her auburn hair
windswept , flowing freely to and fro.
Softly she placed her head
on my shoulder.
I drew her close to me
sharing our inner warmth.
It was then when I knew.

Our arms held on tight
not in fear of losing each other,
for there was no reason to run.
This human boundary of skin
prevented the union of our souls,
sharing that moment, pulled us together.
It was then when I knew.

My lifetime spent in searching,
a quest, a journey, a path
that led me to her
was finally over when finding
the basic, yet most important human desire
To love and be loved.
It was then when I knew.