Read Love Poems


by Ingrid de Klerck


In sweet embrace she lay,
bird of paradise, leaving her perfume
to linger, and lessen the stale, bitter taste of dawn.

To adore such a creature,
could only end in heartache and hurt.
But the mind knows not of such truths,

when the heart is eager to conquer.

A princess she was and for her,
he endured all pain lies bring.
For her he went down on his knees,
begging for one more day in paradise.

As silent tears stained his shirt,
he knew, and yet could not embrace
the bitter truth of loving without reciprocity,
a tarnished view into her world of deceit ,
sensing emptiness beyond compare.

Woe is he,
who loves a siren with a heart made of stone,
for his arrows will ricochet on her core