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No Line on the Horizon

by Lu

Was there an allure towards the forbidden
that tempted your tongue and sprouted
in your thoughts?

I, your life,
with my beauty and strength.

-At least that is what you said-

Until your conscience fell silent
and I became
an involuntary invisibility.
Bitten like a summer peach
you devoured my sweetness
and left me bitter,
revealing my inner stone.

As yellow unfolded into black,
you left me
quickly, with dizzy thoughts
and tragic bruises
that scarred our roots.

My inner nature
met a broken world.
And I tasted the raindrops
of antipathy, when you crawled
through the thorns of my mind
and said
"I'm sorry"

Oh how I loved the way your eyes
glistened in the sun
as your heart fell from my palm.
And I said