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I don't believe you

by mira

Am lost,hurt and alone
am not like before
and i know that i can't be any more
every thing is going wrong
now that you're gone
now that our dreams are done
i just can't believe you
when you said that you should go
all i was looking for
now is just disappear
but i don't mind if you promise
that you'll be here again
that you'll take away my pain
i don't believe you when you say
i don't need you any way
am not looking for to stay
it's the time i must find my way
i really can't believe you
i don't want to believe you
i know you can't let all that behind
i know that our love still alive
i want to care you inside
in every breath every heart beat
you're in me and i can't let you go
because i love you more often than i show
and i know that you do