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When You Dont Say A Word

by Lost in Love

Late at night
When we lay in bed and i hold you tight
I look in your eyes but you don't say a thing
But what i hear is something i cant explain

When you don't say anything i still hear your words
Its like your body speaks to me and everything is heard
I know everything you want to say
When i look at you or touch you in a certain way

The soft touch of your lips
Sends a vibe of eternal bliss
The look in your eyes
Lets me know you won't tell any lies

The closeness of your body to me
Tell me that your somebody i need
The warmth of your touch
Shows me that your love is a must

The feeling of your hand in mine
Saying you will be with me till the end of time
The feeling of you here when your not really there
Reminds me to not be scared

So even when you don't think i understand
Remember that even with a touch of your hand
I can feel and hear everything you want to say
And i can tell when your not okay

Just know even when you don't say a word
Everything you wanted to say has been heard
Even when you do not speak
I still hear whatever you have to say to me