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Still hear I am

by Sarah Christine

It started out
so sweet, simple, and true,
my world evolved around
wanting to be with you.
Everyday was heavens splendor
life was perfect,
through whatever
I had to endeavor.
Now with time,
that feeling slowly drifts away,
like a lonely sunset
on a cold summers day.
Each night I feel myself
begin to cry.
I feel the end coming,
for you to utter goodbye.
Still here I am
hanging on to every hope,
I care for you deeply
but I know in my life
without you, I could cope.
I see something in you
I've never seen before,
your the one that I desire,
it's you that I adore.
If only I knew that
you felt the same way,
you talk, you speak,
and yet,
nothing I need to hear you say,
I grow so very weak.
So hear I am
with my heart open wide,
I don't want to run,
no where to hide,
I wish within me
you could honestly confide,
all the things I need to know.
If you can't , dear one,
then I am afraid I'll have
to let you go.