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Love's old door

by Sarah Christine

Sometimes I sit and cry inside,
the feelings for you I have
can no longer show, have to hide.
I watch you walk away from me
like it was nothing,
I just wish you could see,
how sometimes I hate that
we weren't meant to be.
But I am the one who let you go,
what we could've been,
what we should've been,
for we will never know.
Now you hate this heart of mine,
you just ignore my actions of kind,
but in my heart of hearts
I never thought we would get
worse with time.
So now I sit here and cry inside,
no one knows,
I'm sorry I lied.
How I wish that we could be friends,
but when I said goodbye,
thats when it ends.
I just wish you'd talk to me,
I just wish I could make you see.
I know I hurt you so,
but you hurt me much more,
when you shut, locked, and
left me behind that
Love's old door.