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The Angel by my side

by The Poet Behind The Poems

Holding you near, holding you tight
Kissing you soft as the day falls to night
Watching you sleep peacefully in bed
Remembering "I love you"
Was the last thing you said

You were sent here by god to watch over me
You're a star in the sky as bright as can be
I know you're an angel don't try and deny
Every time you look at me
"I see heaven in your eyes"

She's so enchanting my life has just begun
Her lip as red as roses, hair shining like the sun
With beauty so rare like a summer snow fall
She can make you smile
By saying nothing at all

She must have fallen from the stars above
Came down from heaven for me to love
She's my guardian angle she will light way
I hope I never lose her
"God please let her stay"